Re-treatment of a paravertebral tumor using Elekta Synergy®

Patient diagnosis and history:

A five-year-old boy presented with a relapse of an alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma in the right paravertebral region of the diaphragm in June 2005. The tumor was first diagnosed in July 2004 (Stage IV) with abdominal and thoracic lesions and involvement of the right internal jugular vein. The patient was treated with radiation therapy and polychemotherapy in accordance with the high risk arm of the CWS 2002-P-Pilot study (vincristin, doxorubicin, ifosfamid, actinomycin D). The relapse was diagnosed by MRI and was in remission after treatment with topotecan/carboplatin and stem cell transplantation in September 2005.

Radiation Oncologists:

Judit Boda-Heggemann MD. PhD, Angelika Rahn, MD., Frank Lohr, MD, Frederik Wenz MD.

Medical Physicist:

Cornelia Walter, Frank Schneider


Barbara Selle, MD, Anaesthetist: Franz-J. Andres, MD

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