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About our cancer centres

A Cancer Centre owned by GenesisCare in the UK

GenesisCare uses sophisticated and leading-edge technology to provide a range of cancer treatments, all delivered with consistently high levels of patient-friendly, individualised care.

There are three different centre types which vary in the services they offer while all remain true to the company’s founding principles - that patients should have access to the best treatments available and should be able to fit these treatments around their everyday lives so that life can continue as normally as possible.

GenesisCare's approach to radiotherapy leads the way in providing the most targeted treatment available which, in turn, means fewer side-effects and improved outcomes for patients.

Radiotherapy treatment centres

GenesisCare centres in Birmingham, Guildford, Nottingham, Portsmouth and Southampton sit alongside or within leading private hospitals. This means that local consultant oncologists can ensure their patients have access to state-of-the-art radiotherapy treatments while benefitting from an integrated cancer care plan.

Cancer treatment centres

GenesisCare, Elstree was the first standalone centre of its kind in the UK. The contemporary cancer treatment centre was developed in conjunction with Spire Bushey Hospital to offer both chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other treatments in one convenient location.

Comprehensive treatment centres

Where there is a need for a more comprehensive service, GenesisCare has developed dedicated diagnostic and treatment centres.

Unique to the UK, these offer patients a convenient and efficient service in a new environment where patients can obtain access to leading local surgeons and oncologists, the latest diagnostic imaging equipment and pathology technology, as well as a host of outpatient services from minor operations for non-cancerous concerns right through to GenesisCare’s advanced approach to radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

In order to provide its patients with appropriate support and holistic care, GenesisCare has created a Living Well programme at many of its centres through a unique partnership with Penny Brohn UK which is available to radiotherapy and chemotherapy patients.

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On 8th January 2016, we changed our name to GenesisCare.