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Cancer Diagnostic Procedure with Nurse

For many people, quickly finding out what is wrong with them provides a comfort in that at least they know what they are facing. It may not be cancer but it still may need to be treated. Genesis Care understands the importance of this, as is being under the care of the right consultant for them and their condition, and prompt access to treatment.

GenesisCare, Milton Keynes, GenesisCare, Oxford and GenesisCare, Maidstone, provide access to leading regional consultants who are specialists in their fields. They can provide a swift diagnosis of the condition and fast access to any treatment that may be required - all under one roof. At these centres, consultants have access to advanced technology in order to complete any diagnostic tests required to provide rapid, accurate diagnosis. These include:

Of course, follow-up consultations, if required, also take place at the centre. Patients choosing to use private medical insurance can be referred directly by their GP to either of these centres for a private consultation or diagnostic tests. Patients who wish to pay for their own consultations or tests can also arrange it through a GP referral.

Patients at other GenesisCare centres in Birmingham, Elstree, Guildford, Nottingham, Portsmouth and Southampton - are likely to have any initial and follow-up consultations and diagnostic tests at the partner private hospital, another private hospital or in some cases an NHS hospital.  Whatever the referral pathway, the centre teams work to ensure the process is as seamless as possible.

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On 8th January 2016, we changed our name to GenesisCare.