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PET-CT Scans are now available at GenesisCare Windsor


What is a PET CT scan

Positron emission tomography–computed tomography often referred to as a PET CT.

PET CT is the fusion of a PET scanner and a conventional CT scan. It involves the injection of a small amount of a radionuclide and then a period of ‘uptake’ for the patient - usually an hour, where the patient is made warm and comfortable in one of our ‘uptake rooms where they can listen to music or just lie quietly which is essential. This is then followed by the actual scan which can take up to 40 minutes and involves the table moving into a number of scan positions. Again, we ask that the patient stays as still as possible during this time to make sure that we get the clearest images possible. The PET/CT radiographer can talk to you throughout. 

Why would I need a PET CT scan

A PET/CT scan can be used for many reasons, it is often used in the early stages of a cancer diagnosis to give enhanced information and plan a comprehensive treatment course, but is also used for other non-oncology based diagnoses too.

What are the differences between PET CT and a CT scan

A PET CT scan involves an injection of a radionuclide, rather than just an injection of routine CT contrast media, and involves the uptake hour prior to the scan, it also takes up to half an hour longer. Because we give a small injection of radioactivity for a PET/CT scan, we do advise that patients avoid being close to pregnant women and children for at least 6 hours after the scan if possible, which is not necessary after a standard CT scan.

Where can I get a PET CT scan? 

Our latest centre to open at Windsor has the first PET/CT scanner in the GenesisCare portfolio. We scan every day Monday-Friday with fast access for patient referrals and help with transport if required. 

Do I need a referral to get a PET CT scan? 

Yes, your Consultant (or GP via a Consultant) will need to request this scan for you.


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