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Diagnosis using x-ray

An x-ray is a quick procedure that can help to diagnose and monitor a number of different health conditions. X-ray procedures are carried out by radiographers.

X-rays are commonly used to look for fractures in your bones after a fall or injury but they can also be used to look at your organs. For example, an x-ray image of your chest can show whether you have an infection in your lungs.

What to expect during an x-ray?

Depending on the type of examination required, the x-ray may require you to either stand up or lie down on the couch. Your radiographer will position the machine close to the relevant part of your body your doctor needs to look at before taking the image.

X-rays will usually only take a few minutes. You may be asked to remove your clothing, put on a hospital gown and take off your jewellery as required to complete the x-ray your doctor needs to see. There are private changing rooms including personal possession lockers at your disposal.

You will then go to the x-ray room and your radiographer will talk you through the procedure and assist you where needed. You will be asked to stay still and sometimes, particularly if you’re having a chest x-ray, to take a deep breath and hold it for a few seconds.

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