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Care Plan

Your care plan

Cancer Care Plan for a patient

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, your medical team, sometimes known as an MDT or multi-disciplinary team, will meet to discuss your treatment. They will consider the treatment methods available, including surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and hormone treatment, to develop a treatment plan.

You will be able to discuss this plan with your medical team and decide the best way forward for you. This may include one or more of the treatment methods and sometimes, if the cancer is growing slowly, no treatment is required.

If radiotherapy is part of your treatment plan, and you decide to have it at a GenesisCare centre, you will not need to wait for treatment, you will be scheduled for your radiotherapy straightaway.

Your care plan at GenesisCare will include the following stages:

  • CT planning and dosimetry – detailed scans and computer technology are used to plan the exact dose and timing of your radiotherapy treatment.
  • External beam radiotherapy – your radiographers will guide you through your first radiotherapy appointment, which will normally take less than 30 minutes. They will be with you throughout your course of radiotherapy treatment, which may take place over a number of days or weeks.
  • Managing expected side effects - there are ways of reducing and managing side effects, and this is an important part of your care plan.

An individual diary will be set up for you at the beginning of your treatment. This will be regularly reviewed through contact with your care team to monitor your progress, and you will be able to discuss any aspect of your care plan with them at any time.

We would be very happy to arrange a visit before your treatment or talk you through the process so you can meet your care team and understand exactly what is involved.