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Surgery Cancer Treatment

Tumour removal surgery

Surgery to remove all or part of a tumour is often recommended as part of cancer treatment and sometimes, if all cancerous cells are removed, no more treatment is necessary. In order to reduce the size of a tumour prior to surgery, GenesisCare’s radiotherapy and other treatments for cancer is sometimes recommended beforehand. Or, radiotherapy, chemotherapy or a combination of both may be recommended following surgery in order to reduce or remove any remaining potentially cancerous cells.

Surgery can take place in our partner hospitals, other private hopsitals or in an NHS facility but GenesisCare can provide any treatment needed either side of surgery as part of an holistic treatment plan. A multidsciplinary team (or MDT) which consists of specialists from different areas of expertise ensures the most appropriate treatment is followed for each patient. By working closely with partners and following a multidisciplinary approach to treatment patients can be assured that care teams remain integrated.

Consultants working at GenesisCare, Milton Keynes and GenesisCare, Oxford will soon be able to perform minor surgery for day case patients including biopsies which are used to diagnose and stage, or grade, a tumour.

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