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Dose escalation in treatment of a paraspinal tumor using Elekta Synergy S

Director: Dr. Michael Flentje
Radiation Oncologist: PD Dr. Dirk Vordermark, Dr. Matthias Guckenberger
Medical Physicist: Dr. Jürgen Wilbert, Dr. Jürgen Meyer, Kurt Baier, Anne Richter, Dr. Otto A. Sauer, Dr. Klaus Bratengeier

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Re-treatment of a paravertebral tumor using Elekta Synergy

Radiation Oncologists: Judit Boda-Heggemann MD. PhD, Angelika Rahn, MD., Frank Lohr, MD, Frederik Wenz MD.
Medical Physicist: Cornelia Walter, Frank Schneider
Paediatrics: Barbara Selle, MD, Anaesthetist: Franz-J. Andres, MD

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Reproducibility of liver position using Active Breathing Coordinator for liver cancer

To measure the intra-breath hold liver motion and the intrafraction reproducibility of liver position, relative to vertebral bodies, using Active Breathing Coordinator™ in patients with unresectable liver
cancer treated with hypofractionated stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT).

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Quantification of anatomic positional variation and movement over the course of external beam radiation

Intensity modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) in the treatment of head-and-neck cancers has the
ability to minimize dose to normal structures. The highly conformal nature of IMRT places an
increased importance on knowledge of anatomical displacement over the course of treatment.
This is the preliminary analysis of a prospective study analyzing the degree of anatomic
displacement during a course of head-and-neck radiotherapy.

Authors: Departments of Radiation Oncology, Jefferson Medical College, Thomas Jefferson University, Andrew Cupino M.D. Gregory Kubicek M.D. Robert Den M.D. Anthony Doemer MS, Greg Bednarz PhD Ying Xiao PhD, Amy Harrison MS, James Galvin PhD, Mitchell Machtay M.D.

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3D VolumeViewTM imaging with spine fusion

To determine the residual error for cone beam (CB) CT to planning CT fusion for patients treated for spinal metastases. To determine if adaptive planning could improve the treatment delivery
accuracy for this population of patients.

A Harrison, G Bednarz, J Galvin

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