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Dose escalation in treatment of a paraspinal tumor using Elekta Synergy® S

Patient history and diagnosis:

A two-year-old female patient was diagnosed with medulloblastoma in 1986 at which time she was treated with a total CNS irradiation to 35Gy and a boost to the posterior fossa to a total dose of 55Gy.
In 2005 the same patient presented with a malignant nerve sheath tumor at the level of thoracic vertebrae 9/10 – probably a secondary cancer 19 years after total CNS irradiation. The patient received surgery and the tumor was partially resected.


Dr. Michael Flentje

Radiation Oncologist:

PD Dr. Dirk Vordermark, Dr. Matthias Guckenberger

Medical Physicist:

Dr. Jürgen Wilbert, Dr. Jürgen Meyer, Kurt Baier, Anne Richter, Dr. Otto A. Sauer, Dr. Klaus Bratengeier

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