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Off-line IGRT for a non-small cell lung tumor using Elekta Synergy

Patient history and diagnosis:

53-year-old woman presented in February 2005 with repeated chest infection. A CT scan showed a left lung mass and a soft tissue mass in relation to the left hilum. A biopsy showed consistency with non-small cell lung cancer. The patient had no breathing difficulties and was commenced on down staging chemotherapy to which she had a partial response, with complete disappearance of left hilar mass and reduction of the apical tumor. Surgery was not possible as the tumor lay close to the pericardium and vital structures, primarily spinal cord. The patient was then referred for radiation therapy.

Radiation Oncologist:

Dr C Faivre Finn

Research Radiographers:

Julie Davies, Julie Stratford, Claire McCarthy, Michelle Duffy


Medical Physics Planning Department, North Western Medical Physics

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