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Understanding our oncology management system


At the heart of any modern Cancer Centre is the electronic Oncology Management System. GenesisCare use Mosaiq which enables us to maintain a complete Electronic Medical Record (EMR) for every patient, and more including:

Online medical record



Quality Assurance

Secure Centralised Servers and Remote Access

Online medical record

When a patient is referred for treatment all pertinent documentation (treatment request, surgeon's letters, diagnostic reports etc.) are stored electronically in the Mosaiq patient record. This clinical dataset is then instantly available to clinicians, and clinical staff at every step in the planning and treatment process. As the patient progresses through their treatment pathway a complete record is maintained in Mosaiq.

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Electronic schedules for our equipment (linacs, CT scanners etc.) and our people (clinicians, dosimetrists etc.) enable us to make every patient's pathway as efficient as possible, detecting and avoiding potential delays.

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Each patient's treatment plan is optimised and finalised in the Treatment Planning System and then transferred to the patient record in Mosaiq where it is checked and approved for treatment.

At each daily treatment:

  • the approved patient plan is loaded onto the linac control system and all settings are verified by Mosaiq before treatment can commence.
  • Mosaiq records the setup corrections applied prior to the treatment (following image guidance procedures) and the treatment dose received by the patient.

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Quality assurance

Assessments and Quality Checklists and other QA tools within Mosaiq are used at every step in the pathway to ensure safety and quality of treatment, including:

  • Patient referral checks.
  • CT scan checks.
  • Treatment Planning checks.
  • Pre-treatment checks.
  • On-treatment checks.
  • Finishing checks.

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Secure centralised servers and remote access

GenesisCare's Mosaiq servers are fully maintained at a secure central location. A controlled environment, backup hard drives, backup servers, and regular backup of data ensures continuity of service and safety and security of patient data.

All centres connect into the central servers so any patient can be planned and/or treated at any GenesisCare site.

Remote access implemented over Citrix via our secure web portal enables clinicians to approve treatments and review treatment imaging from any location at any time, reducing delays and enabling clinicians to be closely involved at every stage of the patient pathway.

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