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FREE prostate awareness events

Prostate Cancer Awareness

In support of Prostate Awareness Month, GenesisCare has organised for leading experts from The Prostate Practice to host special events at two Hertfordshire hospitals this month.

The evening events, which are free of charge, will be held at Spire Harpenden Hospital on Tuesday, 25 March and Spire Bushey Hospital on Wednesday, 26 March. The events are suitable for anyone with prostate concerns – from those with a family history of prostate cancer to men who may be experiencing symptoms or suffering from a prostate condition.

Consultant oncologist with The Prostate Practice, Dr Roberto Alonzi, explains: “We will be going back to basics explaining about the prostate, as well as outlining risk factors and symptoms to look out for.

“Men are definitely getting better at talking about health conditions, although the prostate seems to still be a bit of a mystery to some.

“Experiencing symptoms - such as feeling an urgency to pass urine, but then having difficulty to do so - are very common in men as they get older, and can often lead to cancer concerns. We’ll be dispelling some myths and providing reassurance that many prostate problems are non-cancerous and are easily treatable if caught early.”

Attendees will hear about prostate treatment options that are available, and specialists will be on hand to provide confidential guidance if needed.

Patients who have previous had advanced radiotherapy at GenesisCare’s Elstree Cancer Centre have been invited to the events to share their experiences, and members from the Hertfordshire support group, FOPS (Friends of Prostate Sufferers) will also be on hand to talk about the emotional and practical support that is available.

Following an explanation of the pros and cons of testing, all attendees will be offered the opportunity to make an appointment to have a free PSA test once they have had time to make an informed decision.

Dr Alonzi concludes: “The important thing with any prostate condition – whether it’s cancerous or not – is not to be embarrassed and go to your GP. We have access to some highly effective treatments, but early diagnosis is key to a good outcome. Better awareness is essential and we hope to have a full house at both events.”

The prostate awareness evenings are open to both men and women, and will start at 7:00pm. For more information or to book places, please contact GenesisCare.

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