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GenesisCare Makes Contribution to National Meeting on Palliative Radiotherapy

GenesisCare makes contribution to national meeting on palliative radiotherapy

palliative radiotherapy

On Friday 24 March, the British Institute of Radiology (BIR) held a multidisciplinary meeting on Palliative Radiotherapy. 

The meeting was organised by the BIR Oncology & Radiotherapy committee, of which Andrew Poynter, GenesisCare, Director of Radiotherapy is the vice-chair and was attended by 66 delegates from all of the radiotherapy professions including several international attendees. 

GenesisCare's Chief Medical Officer, Dr Vincent Khoo, gave an excellent talk entitled, 'The rationale for more than palliation in palliation', in which he gave several examples of patient cases where more advanced techniques such as VMAT and SABR were used in palliative context.

SABR specialist oncologist, Dr Veni Ezhil, gave a great presentation, 'Use of SABR in a palliative context', in which she described the background and rationale for this advanced technology in the treatment of patients with metastatic disease.

Finally, we were very pleased to welcome Andrew Wheatley, Unit Leader at GenesisCare Australia's new oncology facility at St Vincent's Hospital Melbourne. Andrew gave a talk on, 'Rapid access VMAT/IMRT for palliative radiotherapy', in which he described the use of GenesisCare's in-house optimism package, Genplan, to generate individually optimised radiotherapy plans in a matter of minutes. This approach gives palliative patients access to these advanced techniques in a very short timescale, with patients often able to start their treatment the same day as their planning scan.  The talk was very well received by the delegates and generated a great deal of interest and discussion.

Full Programme on Palliative Radiotherapy

Full programme from the event is available here:

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