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GenesisCare, Oxford Showcases Cutting Edge Cancer Treatments

Oxford cancer specialists attend event showcasing the latest innovative cancer treatments available at Genesiscare


Oxford Event

Leading cancer specialists from across Oxfordshire attended an event at GenesisCare, Oxford last night to learn about some of the most cutting-edge techniques and technologies that are being rolled out across the GenesisCare network in the UK.

The evening consisted of rolling demonstrations and presentations and the doctors and clinicians were excited by the prospect of being able to deliver such innovative treatments to their patients.

Treatments showcased at the event included:

  • Tattoo-less breast radiotherapy/Surface Guided Radiation Therapy (SGRT)

Surface guided radiotherapy (SGRT) is an innovative new technology that tracks the surface of our patients in real time.  Using over twenty thousand reference points on the patients skin surface the technology can track and detect motion with sub millimetre accuracy.  GenesisCare are utilising this new technology to improve and  enhance patient comfort and safety, across all body sites. It is particularly of benefit to left breast cancer patients when undergoing a breath hold technique to avoid cardiac damage. It is replacing spirometry monitored DIBH and removes the need for patients to use a mouth piece or goggles.

Most radiotherapy techniques require patients to have several permanent tattoo marks on the skin surface to allow accurate daily treatment set up, however many patients do not want these permanent marks post radiotherapy as they act as a constant reminder of their treatment and can be visible when wearing certain items of clothing.   As the new SGRT technique utilises surface reference points or ‘virtual’ tattoos it enables the radiographers to set up to the skin surface, eliminating the need for permanent tattoo marks. There are also major safety gains to be seen as the technology monitors the patient movement in real time and should the patient move outside of pre-set tolerances the machine interrupts the beam, meaning treatment can never be delivered incorrectly.

  • Molecular Technologies

Dr Guido Hennig led a discussion on new liquid biopsy technology. This brand new molecular service uses the latest next-generation sequencing (NGS) hybrid capture technology for both tissue and liquid biopsies and is used to diagnose, treat and monitor cancer patients by analysing specific genomic changes in the tumour and applying an effective, targeted therapy to individual patients.

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