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Cancer Patient Portal

At GenesisCare, we’re committed to ensuring that our patients have the very best experience and outcomes possible, and from September 2016, our private patients will have access to a secure online portal which will help us communicate with our patients and ensure they get the very best, timely support during and beyond their treatment.

The GenesisCare Patient Portal

The GenesisCare Patient Portal is a secure online communication tool designed to provide new ways for you and your care team to communicate.

Via the portal, patients can view their treatment appointment times, keep a private health diary and communicate directly with their care team about any health concerns.

The care team can also send timely and personalised information directly to the portal, which can be accessed securely anytime via the web.

Before we introduce this innovative new communication tool, we’re looking for patients from our centres in Southampton, Milton Keynes and Oxford to join a focus group to try it and provide feedback.

Are you a patient at one of these centres and do you think you could help us evaluate our portal? If so, please tell a member of your care team and they will take it from there.

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The GenesisCare Team


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