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GenesisCare Staff Learn More About Stereotactic Ablative Radiotherapy

GenesisCare staff learn more about stereotactic ablative radiotherapy

Staff interact at SABR training day

At GenesisCare, we offer a, precisely focused and very effective radiotherapy technique called Stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR).

In order to help staff build their competence and gain a solid foundation in the principals, planning and delivery of this cutting-edge radiotherapy technique, we held a training day for our radiographers, dosimetrists and physicists.

Despite the glorious weekend weather, around 40 staff from across our UK centre network attended the event at our centre in Oxford which was broken down into theoretical presentations in the morning and some hands-on and practical sessions in the afternoon.

The organisers from our specialist SABR team, Louise Pardon, Jacqui Dorney and Patrick Arnold have received excellent feedback:

Aisha Harif, Senior Therapy Radiographer from Guildford said: “I found the training really helpful, as although we have treated SABR patients at Guildford, there are many different things to consider. The site of treatment and the decisions made for each patient are personalised depending on their condition and I feel that as professionals, we are better placed now to make those decisions having seen the range of equipment and demonstrations of how to use them.

“The talks covered lessons learned from the patients we have treated making it easier for staff to relate to, as many of us have had some level of involvement. It was very helpful to see the equipment after having heard about it- especially 4DCT.”

SABR treatment

SABR is used to treat small primary cancers that have not spread, and metastases (a cancer that has spread). At GenesisCare, we use it to treat lung, spine, liver and bone tumours, as well as tumours in individual lymph nodes.

The main differences between SABR treatment and conventional radiotherapy treatment are:
• A higher radiation dose can be delivered to the cancer resulting in better cancer outcomes.
• The lower radiation dose to the normal other body tissues located near the cancer results in less side effects
• SABR allows the treatment to be delivered in fewer sessions (usually 3-5 sessions over 1-2 weeks)

More information about SABR radiotherapy

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