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Genetic testing service launched

Elstree Cancer Centre is the first to provide genetic testing in the private sector.

The service has been launched by Spire Bushey Hospital in collaboration with GeneHealth UK, and allows patients to find out their risk of developing breast, bowel, prostate and cervical cancer or being carriers of BRCA 1 and 2 genes:

The genetic testing service is open to all, although is particularly recommended for high-risk patients such as anyone diagnosed with cancer at a young age or diagnosed with more than one cancer, the Jewish community and anyone with a strong family history of the disease.

Patients are required to undergo a family history questionnaire and consultation with a genetic counsellor. Based on this, a decision will be made by the genetic counsellor whether or not to recommend a genetic test.

The test itself is a blood test, and the patient will receive the results in eight to 16 weeks, depending on the sequence of genes tested at a consultation with the genetic counsellor, where further management is discussed depending on results to discuss their options. Once the patient receives the results, they are able to plan any possible next steps based on the outcomes.

This may mean preventative surgery or enhanced screening is recommended.

More information can be found at Spire Bushey Hospital’s website or by calling 0800 085 6616.

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