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Prostate clinic

prostate cancer

Welcome to the prostate clinic at GenesisCare

GenesisCare hold a number of sessions for the prostate clinic at a number of UK treatment centres.

Why should I go to a prostate clinic?

If you are going to the toilet more often than before and are worried about prostate cancer or other possible prostate or urological conditions, we offer fast track appointments with our leading consultants, access to the latest diagnostic and treatment technologies and a team of specialists to ensure you receive the best possible care.

Since it is located just under the bladder and encircles the tube through which urine empties (the urethra), symptoms of various prostate conditions can often be related to problems passing urine. These can include needing to urinate more, especially at night, needing to urinate urgently, finding it hard to stop, having a weak flow or feeling that you cannot fully empty your bladder.

It’s important to note that these same symptoms do not necessarily imply you have prostate cancer as they can be the same for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), which is a non-cancerous condition that many men have as part of growing older.

However, to be sure, it’s important to get symptoms checked right away because early diagnosis and treatment of many conditions are important.

You don ‘t need a referral from your GP, you can self-refer. So for a consultation, just contact us and we will arrange an one for you.

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